Take Took Taken

by New Adventures in Lo-Fi

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released February 22, 2013

all songs by New Adventures in Lo-Fi

Enrico Viarengo - acoustic / electric guitars, voice
Michele Sarda - guitar, voice
Alessio Marchetti - bass
Marcello Oliviero - drums

Produced by Eugenio Mazzetto & Enrico Viarengo
Recorded & Mixed in 2012 by Eugenio Mazzetto
@ Casaluce Recording Studio - Rivarolo, Torino
Mastered by Alessandro Vanara
Add. guitar: Eugenio Mazzetto (track #3)
Front cover & artwork: Elyron




all rights reserved


New Adventures in Lo-Fi Italy

sincere alt-rock band from Turin, Italy.

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Track Name: Naked
you see I'm naked
don't turn your eyes from me
I don't play tricks
I'm not the social network type
I wish you were me

over the hedge you found my beats
believe it's hard enough to reach
my feelings in speech
that's why I play some simple chords
to stain the clothes within my bones
to keep the smell when you're away
when you're away

this is the one
to make you feel less guilty than you are
this is the one
the same old sad song
to frame and stab the past
the things we said
the words we wrote
don't matter anymore
it's just another present kept closed
right beneath the bed you used to know

I really don't know what's happening there
you said that you care
when you're fine are you really always fine?
when you're sad please tell me what's so sad?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
I hope to see you at 9
I'll be gone at 10

this is the one to make me feel to be keen again
the same old sad song
that scares me like hell
but everytime I see you
then I dream about you
and that's a funny nightmare
cause can never catch you
and I always find myself
saying naked
happy thank you more please
It's better to burn away my friend
It's way better than lie between the embers
you'd better throw your clothes away
cause cuddles come only when you're naked.
Track Name: Something Missing
the sound of stones falling down the great lake
seems to quote your name
i've got a bench i've got a hook to catch you
last night you were swimmin' like a lamp
and I followed you but I can't see myself at all
then I got drunk
and I got killed by the water

now tell me
how long is a week
have you ever smelled the rain
and do you see my violet lips against the window pane
I called the doctor
he said "nevermind
dead bodies don't realize
they lose the legs before the tracks"
then I got lost
and I got memory erased

but I still hear that noise
it's just the sound of stone
collapsing down under the surface
it's like a knife in the water
it's nothing to worry about

you see the circles getting bigger
all you've done was pull the trigger
hide with eloquence your gun
lucky girl nobody saw you
keep the secret in your mind
say goodmorning to the sun
that's what I am and always will
that's how you looked like when I was around
that's how a day became a week
that's how a week turn into a month
what kind of man have I become
it's been a while I lost my smile
and fuck the crisis and all the rest
fuck my job and your front desk
there's something missing
there's something missing, you're something missing.
Track Name: Tomboy
we never talked too much
we used to fear ourselves
or each others, it's quite the same
once you called yourself disaster
take a look around my friend
even if you're drunk or tired I know you're there
august and everything after can you imagine the noise of the empty?
would you look after me and the mouse and the cat? would you go anywhere but don't change over there?

this is still your house
where to cut your fringe and singin' quietly Counting Crows tunes
I will miss your messy room
and i'll always keep your picture on the wall, what a stupid pretty face
don't pull the handbrake don't let them rate your life

not a tomboy, just a girl
brighter than my useless prey
and that dress is not too short that dress you wear looks nice on you cause you are beautiful and I like the way you gently take your seat out of the mess

this is still your house
where to wake up late and find yourself a little bit older, older
I will miss your smiling eyes
and the time you started play guitar at night, and the skies were yours
the stars were yours, nobody could ever feel safer then
and I'm glad to be the one who shared breakfasts and goodnights, the most ordinary things we could live.
Track Name: Taken
I will not
blame myself anymore
for being too hungry
at 6 pm
I will not
think of kill him with my hands
mine are too small
I will not try to smile at parties
I smile for you at dawn
I will not build a wall between us
no more 1961

take, took, taken
it's like a clock inside your head
and when it ends it never ends
the awkward, clumsy & fuzzy way to live
forgotten like an old school friend
nobody's quiet
nobody's listening
nobody's coming home for dinner

take, took, taken
why noone says the words?
I love you, I love you,
I'm not ashamed to say
I love you